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FIC: Through the Looking Glass 01 - LVHP - NC17

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Jun. 8th, 2011 | 04:28 pm
posted by: k155_me in hp_men

Ok, here is the new story I have been promising everyone! I will get around to doing all of those one-shots eventually and someday soon the banner I was offered will appear as well. Now, thank you to Star_Faerie for beta-ing this, and to everyone else: ENJOY!

* * *

“Through the Looking Glass”

Disclaimer: Harry Potter, et all are property of JK Rowling, and Bloomsbury, and Warner Bros and all those other nifty people that make it so we can read and watch the Potterverse whenever we feel like it. I make no money from this and I own nothing, just so you know.
Summary: [LV/HP] When Harry was little he used to wish that his twin brother was the chosen one. His brother used to wonder what it would be like to know the Dark Lord. Once he becomes old enough, Tarrant runs away to join Voldemort, who accepts him, thinking he is Harry – his mate. But he isn’t. Harry is still fighting against him, and as the war begins to escalate Voldemort fears losing Harry before he’s even found him. AU.
Warnings: Slash. Eventual LV/HP. Violence. AU. Language. Character Death. Creature!Voldemort. Light!Harry. Dark!Voldemort. Twin fic.
Rating: NC-17. Slash and Violence.
A/N: I was originally going to make New Divide a twin fic, but I couldn’t bear the thought of a non-Harry BWL… Hmm… so this is what you get instead! Trust me, you’ll like it. I don’t think anyone else had done it this way, yet, but if I’m wrong, correct me!


Words: 3,926
Chapter 1


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